A mistress, a werewolf, a screenwriter and a shapeshifter walk into your heart in these two sexy paranormal stories of love and redemption.

 For Clara, crafting pain into pleasure is her job. For Selena, it’s her salvation.  When submissive Selena hires Clara as her Domina, it seems like the best of business arrangements. But when their emotions infiltrate what was meant to be only professional, both women are rocked by the possibilities that their relationship might be changing into something… more. 

Selena has given her submission to Clara for months, but faced with the idea of giving her heart, she runs. Loving Clara means revealing her secret, the one that sent her seeking pain in the first place, and it’s a risk Selena can’t take. 

Clara, confused and terrified by the glimpse she had of Selena’s true self, can’t keep herself from wanting more. And, as Selena’s Miss, she’s not afraid to demand she be given the chance to take it. Snowed in at Clara’s mountain cabin, the women must face the truth about themselves and about each other.

Can true love grow from a business relationship, and can it conquer even the darkest of fears?

            Shunned screenwriter Eve Perez has something to prove. Shut out of the industry after a scandal, she’s ready to do whatever it takes to climb back to the top, even if it means working with notoriously difficult author Celeste Quon.

Reclusive best-selling author Celeste Quon is frustrated. Adored by a generation of fans, would they love her if they knew her truth? Ask for autographs from a monster? Unwilling to test their loyalty Celeste has vowed to never let them find out.  Under pressure from her fans, Celeste is desperate to bring her all-time best-selling novel to the screen. 

When a freak spring snowstorm strands Eve at Celeste’s home the women must grapple with their undeniable attraction. After Eve discovers Celeste’s incredible secret should she let their relationship burn out, or surrender to the flames of their desire?

Soul Burn 

A pair of erotic paranormal novellas by Brenda Murphy and Megan Hart

Preorder available January 2020, from

NineStar Press