From Complex Dimensions

 “I appreciate this opportunity, Ms. Pomroy.” Veronica studied the woman sitting behind the large dark mahogany desk.  The woman behind the desk had broad shoulders, set off by her sharply tailored suit and long black hair framed her face. Her dark eyes were arresting. The small scar split that her lip added to the air of menace that surrounded her. Veronica shifted forward in her seat and squared her shoulders.

The woman's eyes fixed on Veronica's face, her gaze somewhere between predatory and appraising. 

“Call me Jaya and my partner wouldn’t have referred you if she didn’t think you would be a good fit.”

“Dr. Kerr's letters were my lifeline the past six years, ma'am.” Veronica swallowed on a dry throat. “I don't think I’d have survived without them.”

“Sarah believes in you.” The woman cocked her head, and her expression gentled. “Are you sure you don't want an opportunity to finish your dissertation?” 

“No. It’s been so long, I’d have to design a new project. I’m finished with that part of my life.”

 “My offer stands to investigate the matter for you.”

Veronica chewed her lip. “I can't afford your fees. I'm in debt to my parents as it is.” Veronica tucked her hands under her thighs to keep from balling them into fists. “Even if I found out who set me up what good would it do now? That’s behind me now.”

“I'm sure we could work out some financial arrangement for my fees, if you change your mind.” Jaya leaned forward in her seat. “I understand about revenge. And the need to move on.”

Veronica sighed. “I'm grateful for your offer. And for everything Dr. Kerr did for me trying to get my fellowship reinstated, but I need this job. I can’t go back to the university.” Not when everyone thinks I'm a criminal. Or looks at me with pity. Or wants to talk to me like I've been on vacation instead of in prison.“I want to pay my parents back. They paid my lawyer’s fees. Not that it did any good.” 

Complex Dimensions 

Book Four in the Rowan House series 

Preorder available September 20, 2019, from

NineStar Press


Sick of living in her parent’s basement and encountering her ex-girlfriend on a regular basis, former graduate student Veronica Fletcher signs on to manage the stable for Rowan House, Skye's exclusive brothel for women. After arriving at Rowan House Veronica’s vow to remain celibate is tested when she meets Millie Reid. 
Sexy, sweet, and funny Millie is the woman of Veronica's dreams.  Or is she? When Millie's past threatens their future together, Veronica is faced with a choice she doesn't want to make. The butterfly effect has never been more personal.