Music from Stone

Book 4 in the University Square Series

Celebrated concert pianist, Nüwa Zhou had it all. Until she didn’t. Forced out of the closet while testifying at the kidnapping and murder trial of her obsessive former assistant turned stalker, Nüwa retires from the high-pressure world of performing to recover at her parents’ estate. After her stalker escapes from prison,  Nüwa’s long days stretch into longer nights as she struggles to cope with the emotional and mental aftermath of her experience. 

Stonemason, and frustrated sculptor Julia Johnson, spends her days building walls and patios, hustling to provide for herself and support her parents. Her nights are spent carving stone sculptures while dreaming of quitting her day job.  Money is tight and when her former college mentor, Gerald Zhou offers Julia a rent-free cottage with studio space in exchange for repairs on the estate, it’s an offer she can’t refuse. 

While sheltering from a tornado with Nüwa’s family, Julia inadvertently reveals a past that has Nüwa more than intrigued. Drawn to each other, the women begin a clandestine relationship. Blissfully content for the first time in forever, Nüwa dreams of a life with Julia. When her stalker returns determined to kidnap Nüwa and end anyone who stands in his way, Nüwa will do whatever it takes to keep Julia safe, but will it be enough?

Available Spring 2022