Elaine MacLeod, the most feared and revered Mistress of Rowan House, is frustrated. Overworked, still hurt and angry over the departure of her long-term lover, she refuses to admit Rowan House needs another Mistress to accommodate their guests.  Unconvinced anyone will be able to meet her high standards; Elaine grudgingly agrees to audition the sole applicant, Petra Grendhal.

Robin Broadacre would do anything for the woman who rescued her from certain death at the hands of her previous employers. When she volunteers to assist Petra with her audition, Elaine is forced to reckon with her desire for Robin. Drawn to Petra's fiery strength and icy demeanor as well as Robin's devotion, Elaine finds herself torn between her passion for both women.  When Petra disappears on a trip to Oslo, Elaine and Robin's search leads them to menaces from  Robin's past and a fight for their lives.

Excerpt Double Six:

Petra sat across from Elaine in the small dining room set aside for the Mistresses of the house. Elaine leaned back in her chair and studied her. Petra wore a cable-knit sweater set and a black pencil skirt with knee-high boots. After their initial exchange of banal pleasantries, their conversation had dried up. The silence between them stretched out. Not one for idle chatter, and dismissive of individuals compelled to fill every second with words, Elaine observed the way Petra reclined in her chair, secure in her power, comfortable with the silence between them as she continued to eat without distress.

A good sign in a Domme. She knows who she is. Elaine folded her napkin before she placed it next to her plate. “I trust Tessa was acceptable this afternoon?”

Petra raised her wineglass, swirled the contents, and took a sip of the deep red wine. She placed the wineglass precisely on the tablecloth and pursed her lips before she answered. “Adequate.”

“Was there something you wanted she wasn’t able to provide?” Elaine sat forward in her seat.

“She was, as I expected, and as I said, adequate. I didn’t expect any different.”

Oh fuck that, dissing our subs? “Adequate”—what the hell does she mean? “If there was a problem you need to tell me specifically what it was so I can address it.” Elaine glared at Petra. “Our subs are selected for their skills, pledged to the house, and expected to meet our standards at all times.”

“Don’t worry. I addressed it.”

“What?” Elaine leaned forward. “You are not in charge here.” She rapped her knuckles on the table. “You are a job candidate and not to ‘address’ anything with any of the subs unless it is cleared through me.”

Petra glanced at the door leading from the dining room. “When is the official tour of the house?”

Elaine placed both hands flat on the table. Ignoring me? Oh hell no. “Did you hear what I said?”

“Oh, I heard. I chose not to respond.” Petra smiled at Elaine, a predatory smile, and her eyes gleamed. “If I am auditioning for a place here wouldn’t you want to know I’m capable and willing to address anything less than perfect in a submissive’s behavior? Why else did you send me a submissive with an attitude that needed adjusting? Although from the expression on her face when she left my room, I think she quite enjoyed the tune-up.”

Double Six

Book Four in the Rowan House series 

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